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Q: Do Home Inspectors need to be licensed and insured in the state of Georgia?

A: Inspectors do not have to be certified or licensed in the State of Georgia. Make sure you hire a Certified Inspector

Q: Why is a home inspection necessary?
A: Though home inspections are not required by law.
They are definitely worth the money . It protects your
investment and gives you peace of mind knowing it’s
true condition.


Q: When do I schedule  the home inspection?
A: As soon as possible after the contract is signed. Many
contracts have specified number of days in which to perform 
the inspection. You also need to give as much time as possible 
for any repairs you may ask the seller to make priorto close.
 *(If the home is vacant, make sure utilities are turned on at the
 time of inspection


Q: Who pays for the inspection?
A: The buyer pays at the time of inspection.


Q: Should I be present for the home inspection?
A: You are welcometo be present, especially near the end so that
the inspector can review his findings, but not necessary.


Q: Will the inspector check for mold?
A: The inspector will alert you of any visible signs of possible mold 
or mildew, but will not do a comprehensive mold inspection. Proper 
testing is a specialized service that require specila traing and equipment. 


Q: Does the home inspector check for termites?
A: No, The inspector will tell you if they see obvious termite damage, but will not perform a complete termite inspection.  A pest-control company will be used for this service.


Q: Does a home inspector inspect  Septic systems or Wells?
A: No, there are companies that specialized in this field.


Q: How long does it take to get a report?
A: You should have a report within 24 hours of the completed inspection